Weed Shear – Aquatic Weed Cutter

WeedShear is the most cost-effective way to clear a small or midsized waterway of unwanted weeds and vegetation.

WeedShearYou’ll want to pull it back with a short, fast jerking motion. You’ll feel it cutting through the weeds. I don’t want you to feel like this will be easier than it is. This is an amazingly efficient tool, but still a whole lot of work.

The blades of the WeedShear are razor sharp, and even come with a sharpener to allows you to maintain that sharp edge without further expense. You will be able to cut almost any sort of water growth, including lily pads, milfoil or even small areas of cattail.

A 49-inch wide blade can cut a path that is 4 feet wide. If you have strength to throw it out, you can throw as far as 25 feet with the rope that is included with the purchase.

You’ll then allow the WeedShear tool to sink and simply pull it back. This is definitely a workout, though, and you will feel it pulling on the weeds as it cuts.

You can cut and clear all the weeds of your waterway. After you’re done cutting, you’ll want to collect all the weeds that are now floating on the surface. It’s best not to leave them there. They will rot and turn into mulch at the bottom if you do.

You can bring them to shore and dry them out. You can then compost the weeds, feed them to livestock, or just throw them away. They are very nutrient-rich, so they’re great for gardening compost. There aren’t any seeds that will sprout and add to your weeding needs within the garden. Aquatic plants aren’t able to sustain growth outside of water.

I recommend another tool for getting these weeds to shore, and it’s not what you would expect. The Long Reach Rake is a tool that is typically used on sandy beaches. However, it comes with a very basic float system. That will allow you to use the same throwing technique to toss the rake out past your weed bounty. You’ll then be able to pull it in. With the float attached, you’ll drag the cut weeds onto shore by raking the top of the water.

These two tools go together so well that we’ve put together a combo pack allowing you to save money when buying them both. We’re easy to contact and love to help. Call our professional Lake and Pond Help Desk at 877-224-4899, use the chat option at bottom of page or go to our main website with the link behind this “Buy Now” button. Buy Now Button

AVGYou can use the WeedShear close to shore as well. There is a better way to take care of the weeds that are closer to shore, though. There are different weeds that grow in the shallows and some are pretty rugged. They are typically harder to cut and have very extensive root systems. This shoreline and lower depth areas of cutting is where the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer can help out.

It’s similar to a gas-powered weedwacker. It’s different, though, because it was designed for cutting under water. You wouldn’t want to do this with your typical yard tool. The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer was designed for this work. This tool can help you clean right at the shore for a nice beach or dock area. It’s a great way to clean up around dock supports, as well. This tool was designed to be able to cut up to 4 feet in depth.

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AVG Float

AVG Float

There is also a float tool called the Mini Pontoon that can be purchased for this. The float will allow you to go further from the shoreline to be able to cut. This will allow you to get those hard-to-cut weeds that are further than you want to wade with an engine in hand. The float will keep the engine portion of the cutter safely attached to the float. It also works to keep you dry, although you can still expect some water to get on you while using this tool.

Our floats are made of aluminum, so they are lightweight and will not rust. They are assembled with just a few bolts. You’ll love the ability to reach areas that are hard or unpleasant to walk in.

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